Brewing Beer With a Sous Vide

Brewing Beer With a Sous Vide

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Precise temperature control equipment has never been more accessible. From making perfect soft-boiled eggs to restaurant quality steaks, the sous vide is a great hack for many home cooks.

Brewing beer requires precise temperature control just as much as the perfect dish. The key to elevating good beer to great beer is being able to adjust the temperature of water at certain stages of the process to an exact degree - something a sous vide can handle easily. 

Traditionally, brewing equipment that can maintain temperature to exact degrees is expensive and designed for large batch brewing. Now with sous vides being more available, you can make even better beer right in your kitchen. Anova Culinary, one of the lead producers of sous vides, even endorse the use of their product in the process of brewing. Below is a general overview of how this works. 

All Grain:

The best time to use a sous vide in all grain brewing is the mashing stage. This is where you steep grains at a specific temperature for around 1 hour (depending on the recipe). Doing this on a stove gets good results, but staying within 1 degree can be tricky. 

Simply fill your brewing pot to the required level and set your sous vide to the temperature called for in the instructions. 


While extract brewing does not have a 1 hour mash, you can still benefit from using a sous vide. Our extract recipes utilize a 20 minute steep of specialty grains and this is a great opportunity to control the temperature exactly, as staying within the prescribed degree will yield better and more consistent results.

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