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Thoughtfully crafted kits with reliable

support to make you a better brewer.


I chose this kit over the other $50 starter kits out there because it comes with a bottle capper (with caps) and an auto-siphon. Most other kits charge more for the capper and auto-siphon, which is annoying because you need a capper no matter what. The auto-siphon is infinitely easier than just using gravity and a racking cane (trust me on that). The recipe kit that is included is also great because it comes with a grain bag that makes brewing way easier than how I have seen friends brew. It also comes with Irish moss, which made my beer really clear. Overall, it is an intuitive kit that makes tasty beer. Highly recommend.

Moiz Malik

As a first time brewer I wanted something that was straight forward, easy to use, and came with everything I would need to make a product. This kit provided that, the materials a good quality and the instructions make brewing something anyone can do! - Would recommend picking up a digital thermometer as well which can be purchased separately in this website.

Toby Tutton

After trying out several recipes from other companies over summer 2020 (1st time bewer in quarantine!) Then I twice brewed Satchel's APA later in the fall. I enjoyed myself throughout, but the big differences with Satchel were (1) Much clearer instructions, giving me a better sense of what is happening at each stage and what to expect time-wise. Better notes on equipment as well. In short ... less guessing. Also the notes on brewing generally are great. (2) A more consistent result from the bottling/carbonation stage. (3) Honestly ... the best beer. The prices are very reasonable and I'll be back.

Noble Novitzki