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One Week Rice Lager Recipe Mix - All Grain


You read that right. We have developed a lager that ferments in one week AND can be fermented at up to 75°F. 

This is a classic American styled rice lager. It is super crisp and clean with a subtle sweetness. The Tettnanger hops used in this recipe are a nod to the European origins of the lager style and offer a very mild bitterness.  

Lagers traditionally take anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months at temperatures between 45°F and 55°F to ferment and be ready for carbonation. Because of the need to control a low temperature over such a long time, most homebrewers do not get to making lagers until they are ready to invest in serious equipment.

No longer is this the case with our One Week Rice Lager recipe!

Please note that this beer should not be fermented for 2 weeks! If it goes for longer than 1 week in the fermenter, it will develop an overwhelming sulfuric taste that cannot be undone. 

This beer is ready in 3 weeks and makes 10 12oz bottles (1 gallon). For the most basic first time brewing recipes, click here.

Brew Level: Intermediate

Kit includes:

  • grains
  • hops
  • yeast
  • sanitizer
  • grain steeping bag
  • priming sugar

Don't Have Equipment? Click Here

One Week Rice Lager Recipe Mix - All Grain