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Premium Home Brew Starter Kit - 2 Recipes Included


This is our most complete starter kit. It comes with everything that is included in our standard kit with the addition of a double mesh strainer, an upgraded digital thermometer, 50 bottle caps instead of the standard 10, and an extra recipe! 

This is the perfect one gallon starter kit for first time home brewers - available with all grain and extract recipe mixes. For those who want to start with the most user friendly, basic recipe, we suggest choosing an extract mix for the first few batches. One gallon translates to about 10 12-ounce beers. 

Kit includes:

Carboy, Auto-Siphon, Funnel, Tubing, Tubing clamp, Thermometer, Bottle capper, 10 Bottle caps, Airlock, Rubber stopper, Recipe mix of your choosing.

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Premium Home Brew Starter Kit - 2 Recipes Included