Brewing Great Beer at Home Should Be Easy

Satchel started with the premise that everyone should be able to make great beer at home. That’s why we create premium training materials and resources for everyone — whether they choose to buy home brew kits from us or not. At Satchel, it’s our priority to arm you with the best industry knowledge and most reliable methods so that every batch you make is a great experience.

How a bad batch of beer inspired a better way of brewing

We’ve brewed a lot of beer in our time and we know that not all kits are built alike. Satchel founder Andrei Kunevsky encountered this fact after his first disastrous attempt to brew beer at home resulted in an over-carbonated, bubbling mess. Years later, he tested the same kit from the same company with similar results.

That questionable kit inspired Andrei to create an at-home brewing process that would give beer enthusiasts delicious results every time. Enter Satchel.

Making great beer a guarantee

Through extensive research, trial and error, Andrei eventually learned what had gone wrong with that explosive first brewing kit — a poor choice of volatile ingredients — and discovered along the way what makes a great-tasting, easy-to-produce beer at home.

After testing recipes, perfecting technique and brewing over 1,000 high-quality beers, Andrei began to build kits with pre-measured sugar and clarifiers to send to friends to try out. A definite win. Even those with zero prior experience successfully created crisp and refreshing beer with little effort. Finally, Andrei was ready to share his home brew kits with the world.


Curated recipes for every kind of beer enthusiast

We take our customers’ tastes seriously, and we strive to make brewing kits that appeal to every beer drinker. Not a fan of hops? Our recipes include light ales and pale ales as well as IPAs to offer something for everybody. Live in a tight space? We’re one of the few brands to offer 1-gallon kits for brewers looking for smaller batches.

We’re proud to serve beer lovers of all varieties with our home brew kits and thorough training resources. Have questions? We’re always happy to hop on a call and talk beer. Cheers!