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Growler Werks 1 Gallon uKeg


Reduce the time it takes to carbonate beer from 2 weeks to 2-3 days!

The Growler Werks uKeg ranks #1 as our best homebrewing hack for people who live in tight spaces.

Traditionally, kegging requires a 5+ gallon keg, external co2 tank, a fridge dedicated to the keg with a dispenser, and a lot of space. This product allows you to force-carbonate your beer with a small internal co2 cartridge and the smallest possible footprint.

Because this keg holds 1 gallon of beer, it is perfect for our recipe kits and fits into most fridges without any issue. Simply ferment your beer and siphon directly into this keg without any priming sugar. Pressurize, shake 3 times a day for 2-3 days, and voila - perfectly carbonated beer that can be poured straight out of the keg.

Since the keg sits in the fridge while it carbonates, you will simultaneously be cold crashing your beer which will result in the cleanest, clearest, crispest flavor possible. 

You can also use this to fill up at your favorite brewery and keep the beer carbonated for over a week!

Capacity: 128 oz (3785 ml) = 8-10 beers
 6.8in x 9.3in x 11.9in (172mm x 235mm x 303mm)
Contents: uKeg 128, maintenance tool, allen wrench, extra cartridge seal, 16g CO2 gas cartridges (2), manual, protective shipping bag

Growler Werks 1 Gallon uKeg