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Witbier Recipe Mix - All Grain


Inspired by Hoegaarden, Allagash White, and Blue Moon, this complex yet refreshing beer pours hazy white and offers notes of spice and citrus. Brewed with flaked oats and malted wheat, the mouthfeel and fullness of this beer contrasts nicely with its low hop profile and the addition of coriander and sweet orange peel.

This beer is ready in 4 weeks and makes 10 12oz bottles (1 gallon). For the most basic first time brewing recipes, click here.

Brew Level: Intermediate

Kit includes:

  • grains
  • hops
  • yeast
  • ground coriander
  • sweet orange peel
  • sanitizer
  • grain steeping bag
  • priming sugar

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Witbier Recipe Mix - All Grain